For many years, both of TopTalent Communication’s founders worked within the staffing and recruiting industry. Throughout this time, a clear pattern began to emerge – one of non-innovative technology that was failing to keep up with market demands, as well as of generic marketing firms lacking a true understanding of recruiter needs. 

With foundations in both marketing and technology, the TopTalent Communications team sought to break the trend, by offering indispensable recruitech and digital marketing services to attract both clients and candidates on platforms unique to the industry.


Why Staffing and Recruiting?

It’s easier than ever to get a brands’ story out there, but harder than ever to be heard! Never before has it been more important for staffing and recruiting agencies to have a strong digital presence. Candidates expect simple application processes and modern communication methods. At the same time, they seek ‘authenticity’ and a human-touch. Clients seek transparency – they want to know how hard recruiters are working for them. TopTalent Communications saw a clear need that was unfilled by any other company on the market. By pioneering the recruitech industry and combining it with the best of modern-day marketing practices, TopTalent’s goal is to exceed unmet recruiter expectations.

Our Approach

We don’t believe a ‘one size fits all’ approach works for staffing and recruiting agencies. Your business is unique, and our services reflect that. Every one of our job board integrations is customized with the look and feel, search criteria and application forms that you require. All of our websites are created based on what will most appeal to your target audiences – both clients and candidates. Each piece of content we write is curated to gain traction in your specific industry, from executive search to warehouse staffing and everything in between. We meet with you to learn the ins-and-outs of your business, then recommend and execute recruitech and digital marketing services based on what will ensure your success.

The Dream Team

You can call us nerds, but we prefer the term intellectual badasses! Our team of smart, ambitious professionals’ bonds over a mutual love of all things recruitech and digital marketing. While we’re a hardworking group, we also appreciate all that our amazing home has to offer! TopTalent Communications is based in Toronto, where you can find us dining at some of the city’s trendiest new restaurants, admiring the art in graffiti alley, or unleashing our competitive spirits at team events. When we’re not in Toronto, we love travelling to visit our clients all over the world. Want to join us? Let’s get to know each other.





Alexandra held key roles in a number of successful start-ups before starting her own marketing consultancy. For many years, she transformed the sales and marketing efforts of Canada’s biggest staffing and recruiting software. In 2017, she spent a year living in Australia where she helped turn 2 locally loved artists into a global brand with sculptures installed in major art capitals worldwide – including in Rockefeller Center, NYC. Upon returning home, she partnered with Dan to take recruiters’ business efforts to the next level with TopTalent Communications!

For (nearly) his entire career thus far, Dan has worked on the creation and development of innovative software. Not only does he know his way around code, he also possesses indispensable industry knowledge. Dan’s wide range of insight into the needs of recruiters has been developed through a vast network of relationships with agencies both big and small. Through hands on experience, his complex knowledge of the everchanging staffing and recruiting industry allows him to envision and execute services unmatched by any other recruitech or digital marketing company.

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