The world of recruiting and staffing is booming, and is having a huge impact on the way employers connect with potential employees. As the industry continues to develop and change, it is more important than ever to stay relevant and modern in the digital age, and to use technology to our advantage.

Social media is all around us – but its influence reaches far beyond selfies and hashtags. It is becoming increasingly more important for brands and businesses to have a social media presence, and beyond this, an effective social media strategy. Being vocal on social media holds equal importance to having a website for any business, including recruiting agencies. Do your brand a favour and bring your agency into the modern era by taking advantage of all that social media – and effective strategy – has to offer!


Increased Visibility & Authority

Social media is the norm now, and businesses must stay on top of the changing trends surrounding it to stay modern and relevant. Having an online presence beyond your website increases your brand’s visibility on the internet. By simply having more than one platform pop up when your consumer Google searches your business name does a lot to increase your brand authority. Would you rather trust a business that has a following on one platform, or one that has a following on five? It isn’t a popularity contest; it’s an authority one. Gaining a following on multiple platforms demonstrates that people from multiple different angles are engaging with your brand.

Moreover, having your business on a platform that your customers are already using is a smart move. For a society that is becoming increasingly accustomed to instant gratification, decreasing the number of clicks it takes for them to get from their Facebook page to your business’s page is a good idea. And, if your website remains your largest resource of information for your business, you can always link from your social page back to your website, keeping everything connected.


An Opportunity to Show Personality & Remain Authentic

Being present on social media is not just having another platform to broadcast your product or services. On many platforms, it is an opportunity to show your brand’s personality. There is no longer a need for businesses to remain dry and professional in their content. Consumers are reporting that they respond well when brands incorporate a bit of personality, such as making funny or trendy posts that somehow relate back to their brand. Brands that have some sort of unique personality and post more than just bland, factual content are likely to be better received by their audiences.

Beyond showing personality and being funny or trendy, consumers also report responding well to brands that are honest and helpful. People are more and more aware of when they are being sold to – and tend to move away from these brands and businesses that do this constantly. Instead, try to adopt a more relatable, conversational approach when posting on social media. And once you’ve developed an identifiable tone, people will come to associate this with your brand – so take some time to perfect it.

A Way to Communicate & Interact

Social media platforms are making it increasingly easier for brands to communicate and interact with their customers. You can learn a lot about your business’ landscape from they way your consumers behave on social media. For example, social media makes it possible for consumers to send your brand a message or comment on one of your posts with ease. And moreover, you can respond to their comments or inquiries quickly and efficiently – social media is a great way to deliver top-notch customer service.  When a brand is seen as more engaged with their audience, they are seen as more trustworthy and accessible – two things any successful brand wants to have on their list.

“When a brand is seen as more engaged with their audience, they are seen as more trustworthy and accessible – two things any successful brand wants to have on their list.”

In the past, some people have questioned the trustworthiness of businesses, seeing them as faceless corporations rather than the people operating them. People want to know who they are doing business with as much as possible, likely due to this historic distrust of big corporations. Using social media to not only create a presence for your business, but to humanize it as well, is another positive aspect that it brings to the table.

Implementing an Effective Social Media Strategy

So, we’ve outlined some of the benefits to having a social media presence for your business. But what’s it all worth if you don’t know what you’re doing or how to stand out? The world of social media may seem overloaded and oversaturated with information, but there is a place out there for your agency to shine! You just have to know how to use an effective social media strategy to make those platforms work for you. Without an effective strategy, it is more likely for your brand to get lost in a sea of content.

Simply putting up content on social media is just one step of the process. While it is great to have content posted in general, it’s even better to have content posted that is well thought-out and measurable. Having a plan or outline in mind to help structure your content, and what to expect from your audience in terms of engagement, is a more effective approach.

Social Media Strategy for Recruitment

In general, effective social media strategies all follow a similar structure: outline your business’ goals and develop measurable objectives to hopefully achieve those goals. But, every business is different, and the world of recruiting and staffing is a world all its own – and must be approached as such.

You want your agency to be seen as a good mix of approachable and authoritative; that you know what you’re talking about but also welcoming to questions and concerns people might have. You don’t want to be seen as a business that isn’t helpful, because being helpful is at the core of recruitment. Have a healthy mix of posts promoting your services with entertaining or informative posts – what many refer to as the ‘80/20’ rule. Remember, consumers are savvy at catching when they are being ‘sold’ to, even when it is presented differently, so keep it to a minimum.

“You don’t want to be seen as a business that isn’t helpful, because being helpful is at the core of recruitment.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all social media platforms are going to make sense for all recruiting agencies. For example, having a huge presence on Pinterest might not make a huge splash with your agency’s sector, but maybe Facebook is a better bet. Do some research on who your target audience is for your specific sector and which platforms they use, and go from there.

Social media for businesses is the way of the future. As we become more and more attached to our devices, and the platforms on them, it only makes sense to take advantage of those platforms to accelerate businesses forward. Just think – the next time you see someone scrolling on their phone on Instagram, they could be scrolling through your agency’s profile!