Businesses today operate in a digital age, catering to a generation that has become accustomed to instant gratification. It is now the reality that companies must do everything they can to deliver the best possible product if they want to triumph over the competition. In the staffing and recruiting industry, what exactly does this entail?

It is absolutely critical to give your candidates a great user experience from start to finish, and that begins with the job board and application process. Unmodern job boards can make it difficult to find roles that match specific filters, and long application forms have been proven to deter top talent.

At TopTalent Communications, we know the importance of having a simple yet fully functional job board and application process. We integrate this concept with your existing applicant tracking system for the best user experience possible – for both your recruiters and candidates!

Read on to discover the importance of having a simple job board and application process, and how they can help transform your agency.

Candidates May Give Up During an Arduous Application

There is no one right way to create a job board or an application process, but some versions are far superior to others. Intricacies and details of what needs to be included and what doesn’t will certainly differ between industries and positions. However, in general the rule is this: the simpler, the better.

Candidates will retain a negative memory if they spent thirty minutes filling out an application that could have taken five minutes. Even worse, they may lose interest halfway through and turn to a company with a simpler process. With the average human attention span hovering at just under ten seconds, it is in your best interest to keep it short and sweet.

It Shows That You Value Your Candidate’s Time

The saying goes: looking for a job is a full-time job in and of itself. The job search process is typically time-consuming enough for job seekers without having to factor in an extensive and obtuse job board and application process. By making this part of the job search as simple and efficient as possible, it shows that you know that your potential new employee’s time is valuable. They have better things to do than fill out a redundant application form – such as preparing for an interview with your company! Letting potential employees know that you value their time before they are even considered for the job will make them that much more eager to work with you.

One great way to do this is to have the job application form automatically parsed once the candidate uploads their resume!

It Reflects Well on Your Company

Starting off on the right foot is absolutely essential in an industry that is ripe with competition. What better way to do so than by making the application process a breeze? Creating an application that is accessible and simple presents you in a positive light, and allows you to impact the way you want your company to perceived. In today’s candidate driven market, you have to do everything you can to make your employer brand stand apart from the crowd.

Are you ready to take your job board and application process to the next level? Well, you’re in the right place – TopTalent Communications can help with that! We are experts at creating job boards and application processes that work for both you and your candidates.

Our job boards are integrated with your staffing and recruiting software, are simple for candidate to use and are completely SEO optimized!

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