Radius Staffing Solutions is a truly unique healthcare staffing agency based out of Plantation, FL. Started by a brother and sister team, the small agency loves to take an out-of-the-box approach to recruiting hard-to-fill healthcare positions all across the country. Describing themselves as ‘boutique permanent placement search consultants’, the Radius team is committed to getting to know each and every candidate and client that walks through their door – you will never feel like ‘just a number’ with Radius.



Radius already had the vision – now it was time to bring it to life! We helped in several areas of Radius’ online presence, including.

  • Optimized Web Design
  • Website SEO
  • Blog Content
  • Social Media Planning
  • Unique Social Media Content

We took the framework of their existing website, packed it full of SEO and gave it a facelift for a new and improved Radius. Combined with a simplified job board and social media integration, the new and improved Radius was ready for action.



Each week, we worked closely with the Radius team to develop unique website and social media content that is engaging, entertaining, educational and most importantly, packed with SEO so that the whole world can see what they have to say.


By utilizing a mix of educational blog content, industry news, healthcare statistics and original ‘hot job’ videos and graphics, we ensured that Radius’ audience is never inundated with repetitive material. We even throw in a few memes here and there for good measure!


Our analytics team looks closely at how certain posts are performing and adjusts future ones accordingly, so that they can target the right people at the right time – and hopefully, those people are prospective healthcare candidates looking for a new and exciting role.


In a three month period, we increased Radius’ Instragram following by over 40%, and more than doubled their followings on Facebook and Twitter. Their website traffic saw an increase of a whopping 135%. Most impressive of all, and without a doubt the most important for a staffing agency, was the increase in their applications. Their number of applicants garnered without the use of traditional job search sites saw an increase of 218%!

It is one thing to have a website and post content – but to get results that truly help your business, it could be worth it to call in for backup. Interested in seeing what TopTalent can do for your company? Get in touch today!

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