Recruiters work hard each and every day to secure the best of the best for their clients. Tired of hearing ‘how difficult can it be to hire people’? After years of working in the recruiting industry, we know that this statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. It takes time, patience and skill to find the right candidate for the job. We wanted our customers to be able to show clients first-hand just how hard they work for them – which is why we designed the Client Portal.



Transparency, trust and communication are all pillars of a successful client relationship. In this vein, we developed an innovative client portal that allows customers to offer complete, highly-appreciated transparency to their clients and keep them updated as recruiters search for the perfect candidates for their positions. They can decide how much or how little information they can have access to, including:

  • Where you are in the hiring process
  • How many resumes have been reviewed, phone calls made, pre-screens conducted, etc.
  • Give your client the option to view shortlisted (blinded) resumes
  • Allow them to request interviews with your recommended candidates

Get ready to have a stronger client relationship than ever before!



The Client Portal, despite its name, was designed with both our customers and their clients in mind. It saves our customers time and energy by eliminating unnecessary communication between them and their clients. As information becomes available, it is posted on the portal. On the other hand, the transparency offered by the portal gives clients peace of mind – after all, trusting someone with hiring your employees isn’t always easy!

At TopTalent, it is our end goal to do anything we can to help make the recruitment process as smooth as possible from start to finish. This innovative development has helped to relieve some of the headache that comes along with the hiring process – and we can’t wait for you to try it! Reach out today for more information on the Client Portal.

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