Meet Executive Assistance: an industry-specific staffing agency that is a one-stop shop for high level executives searching for the perfect assistant. They know that being someone’s assistant extends far beyond handling medial tasks and getting coffee. Executive, personal and administrative assistants are valuable members of any workplace; they are the eyes and ears that keep the operation going off without a hitch.

Based in our backyard of Toronto, Canada, the agency mainly services the surrounding area but has begun to branch out to the rest of the country. The assistant profession has also been a primarily female-focused industry, but one that has begun to see more and more males enter, and they are right at the forefront of that mission!

It was our goal to elevate Executive Assistance’s online presence to new heights.


Tired of working with other companies who simply could not deliver the results she needed – but who were more than happy to take her money – Executive Assistance’s CEO gave us a call. We quickly learned that in the same way they match their clients with the perfect assistant, TopTalent and Executive Assistance were a match made in heaven!

We gave the website various updates – both technologically and aesthetically speaking. We created a beautiful, easy to navigate design that reflected the agency’s professional yet fun personality.

We also created dynamic electronic signatures for EA employees with various clickable links, which helped to connect their clients every step of the way.


To bring it all together, we gave their social media aesthetic an overhaul, helping to give their online presence more structure and consistency. We carefully crafted weekly social media plans for various platforms which included a combination of job postings and industry facts, all tied together with a beautiful and cohesive look.



Since we began working with Executive Assistance, we have been steadily increasing their website and social media traffic. We just started seeing each other, but we can see blogging and our specially crafted job board API fitting in nicely in our future together.

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