Integrated Job Board API

As a staffing and recruiting agency, a quality website job board that integrates with your applicant tracking system is a core requirement of your business. At a minimum, it should offer a modern and easy-to-use candidate experience. However, at TopTalent Communications, our goal is to take your success a step further. Our disruptive technology differentiates our clients from all other staffing and recruiting agencies against which they compete for talent. We ensure your postings have superior SEO capabilities and are automatically formatted for Google Jobs so that your jobs get seen (and applied to) first.

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Web Design

These days, having an outdated and/or uninspiring website won’t cut it if you want to compete. As TopTalent Communications focus’ solely on your industry - we understand your marketing requirements, which saves you ample time from having to explain them! Not only should your online presence be visually striking, it needs to be designed with SEO top of mind. This matters if you want to be found on the internet. We guarantee that your website will be modern and user-friendly with relevant, engaging content and strategic calls to action. The goal? Have contacts reach out and candidates apply to your job openings, with minimal effort on your end.

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We are experts at crafting meaningful content so that you can stand out as an expert in your industry. From creating relevant, keyword optimized blog posts to engaging social media content, we have you covered.

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Social Media

In the digital age, companies have to think critically about how they want to be perceived online. In the staffing and recruiting industry, this means appealing positively to your target audience - potential candidates! Along with killer content and a beautiful web design, social media plays a huge role in shaping your online presence. Using social media effectively is much more than posting on Facebook every now and then and calling it a day. At TopTalent, our Social Media Management pros have their fingers on the pulse of all things social media and can create unique and relevant branded content with their eyes closed. By using specially crafted content calendars, employing effective community engagement methods, and monitoring the numbers of everything we post, we can show you what is working and what isn’t. Your social media profiles will not only be polished and professional, they will be working tirelessly behind the scenes to help your agency bring in more business than ever before.

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Client Portal

Your job is easy right? How difficult can it be to hire people? Our customers hear this all too often. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show your clients how hard you truly work for them? Now you can! We’ve developed an innovative client portal that allows you to offer highly-appreciated transparency to your clients. You can decide which information you’d like to reveal. Allow your clients to login and see where you are in the hiring process: how many resumes have been reviewed, phone calls made, pre-screens conducted, etc. Then give your client the option to view shortlisted (blinded) resumes and request interviews with your recommended candidates, all from within the portal. Save time while enjoying more placements than any of your competition.

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Reviews Loop

TopTalent Communication’s Reviews Loop technology empowers you to gain indispensable feedback and optionally share it online to boost your brand. Following an interaction with a client or candidate, you can send out an email via Reviews Loop prompting them to select a number of stars that reflect their experience with you. This will automatically launch the application, where they can leave a written review. If the review left by your contact is negative, you’re granted an opportunity (that may have never arisen otherwise) to reach out and rectify the situation. If you receive a positive review, the Reviews Loop lets you automatically publish it to your website so that everyone can see how great your staffing and recruiting agency is!

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Job Alerts

Wouldn’t it be great if immediately after posting a job, you could target a group of candidates keenly interested in the position? We’ve created this reality by developing our ground-breaking Job Alerts feature. Integrated with your website, Job Alerts empower candidates to request to be notified as soon as a job is posted that meets their specific criteria. What’s different between our Job Alerts and others claiming to be similar is its intuitive “jobs like this one” functionality, which offers great detail while requiring minimal candidate time. Currently available via text and email.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is this “SEO” you speak so much about?

SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization,” which is a fancy way of saying where your rank on Google (or Bing if you’re one of those people). SEO is a key concern of every modern-day business and if it’s not, it should be. SEO is ultimately how you get found online! However, it’s no small feat. Google’s every changing algorithm, the introduction of expensive sponsored posts and going up against behemoths like Indeed make it increasingly difficult for smaller staffing and recruiting agencies to get noticed. That’s why we make sure that SEO expertise is a core competency of our business. We’re obsessed with staying on top of best practices so that we can offer our clients first-class services with strong ROI.

What if I don’t want my site redone, but need a refresh?

We can help with that! We have customers who aren’t able to financially commit to a new website, or they have nostalgic ties to their old one. In other cases, an entirely new website just isn’t necessary to achieve the desired results. As such, we offer website improvements as well as full redesigns. Improvements entail minor aesthetic updates on the front-end, such as changing colours/images/fonts, including critical calls-to-action, and enhancing the user experience. In addition, we do a significant clean up on the back-end to meet SEO best practices, from adding fresh keyword-driven content, metas, alt tags and more. The first non-visible factors search engines consider are speed and performance, which we enhance as well.

What type of staffing and recruiting agencies do you work with?

All of them (nearly)! We work with temp and perm agencies, contract, direct-hire, temp to perm and any other iteration you can think of. Among these are recruiters that focus on medical staffing, executive recruiting, IT contracting, fashion industry jobs and more. We’re based in Toronto, Canada but have customers all over the world. From both coasts of this country to our largest market in the USA, we love working with staffing and recruiting agencies with all different backgrounds. We’ve also extended our reach across the pond to Europe and we haven’t stopped yet!

How much do these services cost?

Prices depend on the service, the scope of work, and payment structure. We’d love to discuss it with you! Please reach out for more details.