The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has shaken countries and their economies over the past couple months. Practicing social distancing, and in some cases quarantining, has affected workplaces and industries across the board. While we may physically be apart, we’re all in this together and the business world is collectively trying to navigate the next steps.

During these uncertain times, many business operations have understandably been put on pause. Despite this, there are silver linings to be found! In the staffing and recruiting industry, now is a great time to harness all of your available resources to continue connecting with your candidates and clients, demonstrating that they can rely on you and you’re here to stay!

Remaining calm during crisis is no easy feat, but here at TopTalent Communications, we’re dedicated to supporting our staffing and recruiting customers as best we can and providing them with ways to maintain a sense of normalcy during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Read on for some insight!


Show That You Are an Industry Leader


Many industries have been hard hit amid the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the necessity of staying inside and the banishment of large crowds. For this reason, sectors that rely on human interaction such as hospitality, travel and brick-and-mortar retail are likely going to be the most effected the time being, as will their staffing and recruiting partners.

However, there are some industries that have been deemed ‘recession or disaster proof’ – the biggest one is healthcare, due to an obvious increase in the demand for trained healthcare professionals.

If you are staffing within this sector, now is a critical time to place a stronger focus on your digital marketing strategy. More demand for workers means more competition for talent, so you have to do all that you can to present yourself as a clear front-runner in the industry.


Up Your Social Media Game


Maintaining a strong social media presence is one of the most advantageous tools businesses can employ right now. Many people have been asked to work from home, or are currently not working due to temporary company closures, and are thus spending a lot more time on their social media platforms – Instagram, for example, has seen a 22% usage increase since late 2019.

Putting some extra thought into your social media marketing strategies over the next couple of months is paramount – thousands of potential customers are (literally) just waiting to be tapped into, so make sure your content is something they won’t scroll past.

Social media has also been plagued with  a ton of misinformation regarding COVID-19. So, if you are going to post something on the matter, ensure that it is accurate and doesn’t instill panic or fear into your readers. It will be much appreciated in this high-stress time!

Developing strong and topical social media strategies is one of our specialties – reach out today to see how we can help with yours.


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Deliver Great Blog Content


Blogging should always be considered an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

However, now is an opportune time to kick your blogging game up a notch. Just like the spike in social media usage, people are also spending much more time sifting through web pages while cooped up at home. Give them some quality, regular content to pass the time!

Now is your chance to stand out amongst the increasing competition well-researched, informative and SEO-rich blog content. It has never been more important to portray experience and reliability. With so many businesses on shaky grounds, your potential partners need to know that they can trust you to continue regular operations as best as possible! The competition for job orders is fierce, so any strategy for position yourself ahead of other agencies should be deployed.


Stay Connected to Your Contacts


Don’t forget about the people most important to your business! Even though there may be fewer placements made over the next couple of weeks, keeping in touch with your candidates and clients and letting them know you are available for support is critical for maintaining a positive professional relationship – one that you can carry on when things return to normal.

TopTalent’s Reviews Loop feature is an innovative way for your customers to provide feedback about their experience working with you. If the current climate is providing you with some extra time, you can take careful and thoughtful steps to responding to that feedback and improve your business practices. This is an excellent long-term strategy that will ensure you come back stronger than ever!

It is also simply a good way to keep in touch with your contact list. Right now, people need to feel supported by businesses, rather than abandoned by them.


Right now, people need to feel supported by businesses, rather than abandoned by them.


In times like these, it’s absolutely critical to keep in touch with your customer base – both clients and candidates – in creative ways and through multiple avenues…social media, newsletters, and personalized emails go a long way in demonstrating that you care.

TopTalent is committed to remaining a supportive and understanding partner to all of our customers during this unsettling time. If you are interested in discovering how we can help your digital marketing strategy, or simply need some support regarding COVID-19, you can email us directly or click here.