In an unprecedented historical shift, the working world has become almost entirely remote in what feels to be overnight. Businesses have adjusted their practices to abide by social distancing recommendations (and laws) in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. Last month in the United States, at least 5 million people worked from home. Now, that number has increased exponentially due to the current climate!


But in recruitment, an industry that thrives so much from in-person interaction, how has the shift affected businesses, connections and productivity?


The team at Radius Staffing Solutions – a boutique permanent healthcare placement agency – has shifted for its entire team to conduct business from home over the past several weeks. By implementing a number of methods and tools to adapt to the new situation, while (most importantly) being flexible and receptive to changes, they have developed a remote routine that has allowed them to seamlessly service their candidates and clients.


Let’s see what they had to say!


What tactics have you employed to keep your team engaged and communicative?


“Radius Staffing Solutions thrives off of great connective energy in the office, so the remote universe doesn’t necessarily ring beautifully to the culture that we are built upon. We had to identify quickly how to stay true to our identity while navigating through an unprecedented time, not just in the world of recruitment but to all of our supporting industries as well.” – Anthony Romano, Director of Recruitment


“Just like the rest of the business world, we learned really quickly how to leverage video conferencing to keep a pulse on our operation. Additionally, Radius’ leadership team quickly developed daily connections tailored specifically for our team that helped create structure. We don’t know it all, so we are consistently asking our team for feedback! We listen to what they believe is working and what needs modification. We are all new in this journey and getting comfortable with change is a must.” – Laura Ortiz, Director of Culture


What adjustments have you had to make to your day-to-day operations?


“The reality is there is no dedicated schedule, with our employees becoming overnight homeschool or daycare teachers, we needed to flex and flow to their new demands in order for our KPIs to have a chance. We are fortunate at Radius that all of our tools are web-based, from our applicant tracking system to our VOIP phone service. Within seconds, our employees are able to recreate their workspace at home. So, after fighting the kids to stay focused, our team is equipped with all the tools to transition their home into their new workspace.” Anthony Romano, Director of Recruitment


What pieces of advice would you share to recruiters that might be having a hard time adapting to remote work?


“Find structure. This is not only to bring success to your recruiting world, this is how one finds sanity within this situation; maybe its having routine breakfast with the family, showering and dressing the part as if you were heading into the office, or even if you need to prepare for how hard things are hitting the fan, get out for a solo walk or get a cup of coffee from your favorite drive thru – I can’t urge you enough to FIND A RHYTHM that can trigger your mind to tackle both the home and work tasks that are in front of you.” Laura Ortiz, Director of Culture


The healthcare job market is in a peculiar place right now. What has your experience been since COVID-19?


“That everyone needs time to adjust to the new norm. Our clients have also become overnight homeschool/daycare teachers while working remotely, our candidates are on the front lines and burning from both ends in order to help fight off the virus (AND are homeschool teachers!). It is common for things to feel stalled while everyone is establishing a new rhythm. Although now hiring could be on a freeze, these freezes have an end-date and recruiters will quickly be in more demand to ensure our healthcare systems are operating to satisfy patient care.” Anthony Romano, Director of Recruitment


radius work from home team


When things go back to normal, could you see yourselves working remotely more often?


“Yes! We’ve always had the flexible to be remote and since we’ve combined virtual conferencing into our tools, we see the possibilities that stretch outside of traditional office walls.” Laura Ortiz, Director of Culture


How have you used social media and blog content to your advantage during this time?


“Social media has been a great way to connect with Radius’ clients and customers alike, especially potential candidates. Sharing informative COVID-19 content is a must, but even just staying active on social media sites and interacting with our audiences has been essential during this time – it shows that we’re haven’t gone anywhere and continue to be a vehicle of support and information for our audiences.” Laura Ortiz, Director of Culture


How important is collaboration during this time?


“Collaboration is key to success. We continue to network within our recruiting industry to grasp the impact beyond our walls. We consult with our healthcare clients on video interviewing and virtual orientations. Internally, our team is gathering at lease once a day virtual – whether to cheers a well needed glass of wine, compete in a brain teaser game or to congratulate a placements – these interactions are imperative to know we are all in this together. Externally, we lean on our marketing team to get our ideas, our HOT jobs, and our message out to the social platforms. With the world’s socializing at a completely standstill, social media is the only way to keep engagement.” Anthony Romano, Director of Recruitment


What would you say is the key takeaway from having to work remotely so suddenly?


“The technological partnerships we created well before this pandemic have prepared Radius into a smooth transition during the Stay Home, Stay Safe orders. We’ve always had the flexibility to be remote, but it did take some time for our team to create space in their home to DEDICATE to work. Through video conferencing we would get a virtual tour of their workspace and if necessary, make suggestions on how to improve set-up.”  Laura Ortiz, Director of Culture


Radius Staffing Solutions continues to recruit for permanent healthcare positions in the fields of advanced practice, healthcare management, lab sciences, rehab therapy, pharmacy and medical imaging. Head to their website today!