API Based Customized Wordpress Plug-in:
A New Candidate Experience

Stand out from the competition by offering a new candidate experience, integrated with your applicant tracking system

These days, outdated, cluttered and slow job boards won’t only deter applicants – they’ll never be found on Google! Candidates expect a fast and simple online experience, and search engines require certain information to rank your web pages.
On top of this, you need a job board that impresses clients while flawlessly integrating with your applicant tracking system! We’ve got you covered.

How Does it Look?

Simple! Easy to use, clean and most importantly – mobile friendly!

Studies have shown that when job applications have 50 questions or more, completion rates drop by nearly 50%. We recommend short and sweet applications that only request the basics, but to make things even quicker, our Plugin automatically parses application fields as soon as candidates upload their resume!

More applicants = more placements, and that’s TopTalent’s goal for you.

What Does it Do?

  • Dynamically generates new webpages as jobs are created
  • Gives them an appropriate, unique and dynamic meta-description that’s highly specific to the job
  • Updates the sitemap
  • Initiates call to Google crawl/re-index
  • Accurately formats the job to be picked up by Google Jobs


This offers immense SEO value, so your jobs can actually be found online! TopTalent’s job board API will increase your candidate traffic, inbound flow and quality. It also makes it possible for prospective clients to find your website organically.

In addition, Google Jobs is rapidly becoming the #1 resource for applicants. However, Google requires certain coding in order to recognize your posts as jobs. Our proprietary plugin automatically formats your postings in the backend to be picked up by Google Jobs (and does it faster than any other platform)!

When the job is filled or cancelled, the job posting is automatically removed.

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